Monday, September 15, 2008

checking in!

i don't have terribly much to say, but i wanted to at least jot down a little something to keep myself in the practice of blogging.

i'm a professor now (adjunct professor of communication, to be specific), teaching public speaking and rhetorical analysis. i absolutely love it. i actually love it even more than i thought i would, despite all my concerns about the process. there's a lot to learn, of course, and not everything is peaches and cream (grading is the most upsetting experience i can imagine!), but on the whole it's the highlight of my week, for sure.

i'm currently obsessed with a french dance song called rapture pt. 2 by DatA. check it out.

my car exploded (yes, pretty much literally: big bang, flashing lights, violent shaking, beeping, bad noises, the whole lot...just no fireballs) so i've been taking public transit for the past week and a half. it's been an interesting experience, and i don't actually mind it. i'm going to make a conscious effort to do it more often, even when i get a car again (but it is a bit brutal sitting on buses for three hours just to get to work).

i got new headshots and am absolutely thrilled with them. you've probably seen them by now since i harassed most everyone i know into looking over the proof sheets. if you haven't seen them, let me know, and i'll gladly share some more. ;)

yesterday i had the pleasure of going to the huntington, which is far and away my favorite place in los angeles and probably in all of california. i got to spend some more time in the gardens (there are a bunch of themed gardens like the japanese zen garden, rainforest garden, water lily garden, shakespeare statue garden, rose garden, and so on) in addition to revisiting the classic books in the library that still give me chills: a guttenberg bible, original canterbury tales, first folio editions of shakespeare, paradise lost, audubon's huge illustrated volume(s) on birds, john smith's journal upon first arriving in virginia (including his detailing of the pocahontas story), and so on. really, truly awe-inspiring. the mansion itself is also incredible, of course, with an unbelievable collection of furniture and art for those who go for that sort of thing. yesterday was particularly wonderful because they had a photography exhibit on los angeles (body and landscape), which i adored. lots of old hollywood stuff, some porn stuff (like the porn industry, not actual porn), and so on. photograph that struck me the most: marilyn monroe's dead toe and toe tag peeking out of her slot in the morgue.

the exhibit reminded me of one of my favorite photography books, a collection of classic hollywood photos from the los angeles times archives. some amazing stuff in here, pictures of stars arriving in hollywood, going to court, filming, dying, and so on.

anyway, this venture into old hollywood got me perfectly primed for a night out at the cicada club, a vintage supper club downtown. once an art deco habadashery, the cicada club at los angeles' historic oviatt hotel is now a gorgeous club with food and a full bar (including absinthe!) and two dance floors, playing live music on sunday evenings from 20s revival bands. vintage and evening wear is required, and there are several colorful (costumed) characters that run the joint, including the emcee maxwell demille, the singing coat check girl, a cigarette girl in fishnets and sky-high heels, and an elevator operator who can really cut a rug. all in all, a fabulous evening, especially for dancing with friends...and the best part? no cover! i'll definitely be making a habit out of this.

i currently live in a pattern of oscillation between being frantically busy and incredibly bored. it's not bad, though.

oh, and i finally made creme brulee. it was amazing.

i'll leave you with a link to my friend olivia's blog about canvassing for obama in nevada. she's right: the state of the nation is scary, and the fact that the election is looking as close as it is right now is very scary, as well. i commend her for actually having the courage to stand up and do something about's pretty inspiring. if you'd like to donate through her obama page, the link is here.

what's new in your world?

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