Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i'm a visual thinker...

i think it would be really, really cool if there were some sort of software for to-do/life management/organization that visually represented tasks like a huge stovetop. you'd have different clusters of burners, dragged and arranged however you wanted. different colors of flames for different logical groupings: school, work, finances, wellness, etc. then, you could adjust the intensity of the flame under these metaphorical burners (i'm imagining, like, a multi-touch surface use of "pinching" like on the iphone) depending on how important something is.

this way, i could visually put things on a back burner!

and simmer over ideas.

i want this now plz.


Ian said...

I'm reasonably in love with this idea. Perhaps not this specific implementation, but the idea of spatial task management. Visual metaphors other than "text lists" are sorely underused in this area.

frescasaurus said...

thanks! :) any idea how hard it would be to implement, or if there's something similar to toy with?