Wednesday, March 12, 2008


okay, so i haven't updated substantively in a little's what's up.

spring break was wonderful. i drove to seattle with a friend, stopping in at stanford for a couple of days on the way up and back down to visit with friends. i had such an incredible time with everyone i met up with in both cities...the weather left a LITTLE bit to be desired, i suppose, but the company certainly did not. i got to cook for people (hooray!), visit pike place market (which i am in LOVE with and want to transport to LA), see some cool places, and meet some awesome people. hooray! it was really wonderful to be able to just talk with people...good, smart, funny people...for hours on end. i'm lucky.

on a side note, does anybody know of any really cool marketplaces in the LA area? maybe a little more than a farmer's market, with good, fresh food, but also maybe some handcrafted goods, organic stuff, clothing, artisan work, and so on? i got some INCREDIBLE soaps (like creamsicle scent!) and amazing slippers at the one in seattle.

on another side note (this blog will likely be full of them), i'm thinking of starting a collaborative cooking blog. anybody interested? you don't actually have to be a "good" cook...just post whatever you're interested in or things you've made. if you know anyone who might want to be a part of that, let me know.

anyway, pictures from the week should be up sometime on facebook, once kyle gets around to uploading his and once i get my camera back.

as soon as i got back, i defended my master's thesis! it was a bit hectic, since i worked the whole morning and then had to rush around to change into a suit and buy/lay out a spread of food for my committee during the lunch hour, but it ended up being as smooth as glass. the snacks were a hit, although i now have over 100 brownies stashed under my bed with two large platters of crackers/cheese and veggies/dip crammed in the fridge. i felt classy in my Classy Suit (tm). more importantly, the committee accepted the thesis! i passed with flying colors in a frighteningly short deliberation process. most of the questions directed at me were things like "so. what do you think it would be like to have condi run for president? what have you learned from this process?" rather than "why don't you address this in the thesis?" this means that the thesis was accepted with a grand total of one (1) requested sentence change (which i feel dumb about, because i knew i should've put it in the text more blatantly, but oh well. can't win them all). i think i can deal with that. now i have about 4 more revision processes to go through, but this stuff is all technical and formatting related...the substance of it is done. mixed feelings; i probably could have written something better, but everyone has REALLY liked what i turned out anyway, so, uh. cool! it's about 132 pages right now, for those keeping score at home. it will be ready for binding and library placement (!) in less than a month.

this means i graduate the weekend of april 26th. ...WOOOOO!!!

my birthday's coming up soon, which is always sort of...meh. i haven't done anything fun for it for a few years, but this year i may change that. we'll see.

alright, those are all the various and sundry life updates. i'll post separate blogs for the commentary that's been running through my head recently. :)

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