Saturday, February 16, 2008

when did i become so driven by food...

i know, i know, this blog is starting to seem like it only exists for me to talk about food and various important news stories with one or two words of commentary. i promise, there's more to my life. even if i don't act like it.

however, this food-related event was far too important to ignore.

pocket-sized, caleb, and i have succeeded in making The Most Delicious Ebelskivers Ever.

after i went on a crazy bender to make these lemon-mascarpone filled pancakes from the williams-sonoma website, i dragged myself to the nearest w-s to buy the appropriate pan/curd needed. a week ago, caleb and i tried them out...and all 40 were gone within 12 hours. they're really more like little pancake balls, a bit tricky to make but very fun. we stuffed our first batch with key lime and mascarpone (an italian cream cheese used in tiramisu).

yesterday, however, alex came over to help with our second ebelskiver adventure. and magic happened.

i had the crazy idea to combine the orange spice french toast recipe with the ebelskiver batter recipe, to make a lightly spiced, orangey pancake. then, somebody suggested we stuff them with nutella.




cannot. stop. eating.

anyway, just use the ebelskiver recipe from the w-s page linked above, then add two tablespoons each of grand marnier and orange juice to the finished batter, use orange zest instead of lemon, add a LITTLE extra flour to make sure it's thick enough, and sprinkle in a bit of allspice and nutmeg. then, use nutella instead of the mascarpone/lemon filling.

so incredible.

pocket will have pictures up soon; i'll link once i get them.

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