Friday, February 1, 2008


with valentine's day swiftly approaching, and the cringe-inducing pink hearts overflowing out of every store i walk past, i've been thinking a bit about love. much as we like to equate the notion of "love" with "couplehood", it really is incredible for me to realize how very much love is in my life, outside of any of those more official pairings. love is all around us, i know, i know...but sometimes i forget to notice it.

so, a work in progress, and hopefully a collaborative one. what is love?

love is...

- sharing, anything, anywhere...breakfast, your blanket, a ride, a smile...
- stacks and stacks of cloth on world of warcraft
- giving someone else the absolute BEST cookie in the whole box
- carefully placed spinach on a sandwich
- a note in your lunchbox
- a hug that lasts about a second longer than you thought it would
- an "i miss you" out of nowhere
- staying up an hour (or two, or five) past your bedtime, just to be there for someone
- knowing you'll look like a fool, but trying your best at something new skating, basketball, cooking...
- not thinking anyone looks like a fool when they're trying their best at something new
- thinking up a million excuses to call, before realizing you don't need any
- patience...piles of patience...
- about a million SFK runs
- as many funny, awkward kisses as there are sexy ones...but you like them all the same...
- inside jokes
- changing your route home so you can talk on the phone just a little longer
- surreptitiously memorizing a class schedule, so you can always be there conveniently when someone gets out
- waking up a half hour early just to make someone breakfast
- checking someone's blog every day...maybe a few times a day...
- sacrifice
- nicknames...especially the ones nobody else understands...
- changing clothes three times to make sure you're wearing the best combination of hot/cuddleable
- hanging out conveniently online...just in CASE you see someone come on...
- support...even when that means knowing when to bite your tongue
- proofreading. that takes REAL love...
- anything that involves tupperware...there's almost always love involved...

love is a lot of things...way more than this. love is also hard. it's not convenient. it's rarely premeditated, and there's not really any way to predict the best way to pull it off. it seems to be responsible for the highest highs and the lowest you've just got to get through the lows and try to appreciate the highs when they come along, right?

this isn't for anyone other than me. there's no hidden message, really. i am just, as richard once said, so full of love i could burst. it's hard to remember that all the time...and it's not easy to have all this love to carry around all the time...but there it is.

what is your love?

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Mack the Knife said...

Love is shooting cupid in the back with my own bow and arrow.