Tuesday, February 26, 2008

daft bodies!!!!

this is the best thing i've seen in a long time:

i love the smell of linguistic hegemony in the morning

thanks to tracy for this lovely example of america's linguistic hegemony. thanks, dunkin' donuts. i now dislike you.

because, of course, latte is a native english word. yup. also, learning to accurately pronounce the names of things from other cultures in their original language is too hard for us. better just americanize it all.

also, anyone else read "himan plu cento" on the menu as "human placenta"? because i did.

Monday, February 25, 2008

here, have some blog

check out this excellent post about really dumb people saying really dumb things.

blogs like this make me seriously reconsider my previous comments on feminism. also, on state-sanctioned mandated lobotomies.

thesis fun

i really love my committee. these are the most recent three emails in my inbox:

dr. selby: Let's go with 2 then. That way we have a full two hours for the
"slo-cook grilling action." : )

dr. jones: That's right. Move over George Foreman. We are the real grilling

me: I will take care to marinate myself appropriately.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


interesting commentary from an article by rowland and jones (one of my thesis advisors) based on obama's 2004 dnc speech:

"What hasn't been recognized, however, about Obama's widely praised speech is that it was more about a narrative than a defense of public policies associated with liberalism as an ideology. He said relatively little about particular policies, but instead focused on reclaiming the romantic narrative we have identified for liberals. In that way, Barack Obama's keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention forecasts the possibility of a sea change in political ideology, based not on policy but on narrative preference." (p. 428)

exactly some of the criticism i've been hearing about his presidential campaign. might be worth checking out.

Rowland, R. C., & Jones, J. M. (2007). Recasting the American Dream and American politics: Barack Obama's keynote address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 93, 425-448.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

when did i become so driven by food...

i know, i know, this blog is starting to seem like it only exists for me to talk about food and various important news stories with one or two words of commentary. i promise, there's more to my life. even if i don't act like it.

however, this food-related event was far too important to ignore.

pocket-sized, caleb, and i have succeeded in making The Most Delicious Ebelskivers Ever.

after i went on a crazy bender to make these lemon-mascarpone filled pancakes from the williams-sonoma website, i dragged myself to the nearest w-s to buy the appropriate pan/curd needed. a week ago, caleb and i tried them out...and all 40 were gone within 12 hours. they're really more like little pancake balls, a bit tricky to make but very fun. we stuffed our first batch with key lime and mascarpone (an italian cream cheese used in tiramisu).

yesterday, however, alex came over to help with our second ebelskiver adventure. and magic happened.

i had the crazy idea to combine the orange spice french toast recipe with the ebelskiver batter recipe, to make a lightly spiced, orangey pancake. then, somebody suggested we stuff them with nutella.




cannot. stop. eating.

anyway, just use the ebelskiver recipe from the w-s page linked above, then add two tablespoons each of grand marnier and orange juice to the finished batter, use orange zest instead of lemon, add a LITTLE extra flour to make sure it's thick enough, and sprinkle in a bit of allspice and nutmeg. then, use nutella instead of the mascarpone/lemon filling.

so incredible.

pocket will have pictures up soon; i'll link once i get them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

super tuesday, i suppose.

due to a variety of factors (not my fault!), not a single one of my family members will be voting on super tuesday. whoops. my card, in fact, tells me to vote tomorrow. the sixth. i...am not sure that is the best of ideas for me.

in any case, in the spirit of the election, i wanted to share this remarkable video, without any sort of persuasive intent...just to share.

not sure i can remember anything like this for any other candidate in my lifetime. pretty interesting.

Monday, February 4, 2008

maybe i'm just easily amused...

...but i was really entertained by the joke konrad told at loma awards this year. like, i kept bursting into giggles on the car ride home.


two cows are standing in a field. one cow says to the other, "hey, aren't you worried about this whole mad cow disease thing?" the other cow replies, "nope, i'm a helicopter!"

Friday, February 1, 2008


with valentine's day swiftly approaching, and the cringe-inducing pink hearts overflowing out of every store i walk past, i've been thinking a bit about love. much as we like to equate the notion of "love" with "couplehood", it really is incredible for me to realize how very much love is in my life, outside of any of those more official pairings. love is all around us, i know, i know...but sometimes i forget to notice it.

so, a work in progress, and hopefully a collaborative one. what is love?

love is...

- sharing, anything, anywhere...breakfast, your blanket, a ride, a smile...
- stacks and stacks of cloth on world of warcraft
- giving someone else the absolute BEST cookie in the whole box
- carefully placed spinach on a sandwich
- a note in your lunchbox
- a hug that lasts about a second longer than you thought it would
- an "i miss you" out of nowhere
- staying up an hour (or two, or five) past your bedtime, just to be there for someone
- knowing you'll look like a fool, but trying your best at something new anyway...ice skating, basketball, cooking...
- not thinking anyone looks like a fool when they're trying their best at something new
- thinking up a million excuses to call, before realizing you don't need any
- patience...piles of patience...
- about a million SFK runs
- as many funny, awkward kisses as there are sexy ones...but you like them all the same...
- inside jokes
- changing your route home so you can talk on the phone just a little longer
- surreptitiously memorizing a class schedule, so you can always be there conveniently when someone gets out
- waking up a half hour early just to make someone breakfast
- checking someone's blog every day...maybe a few times a day...
- sacrifice
- nicknames...especially the ones nobody else understands...
- changing clothes three times to make sure you're wearing the best combination of hot/cuddleable
- hanging out conveniently online...just in CASE you see someone come on...
- support...even when that means knowing when to bite your tongue
- proofreading. that takes REAL love...
- anything that involves tupperware...there's almost always love involved...

love is a lot of things...way more than this. love is also hard. it's not convenient. it's rarely premeditated, and there's not really any way to predict the best way to pull it off. it seems to be responsible for the highest highs and the lowest lows...so you've just got to get through the lows and try to appreciate the highs when they come along, right?

this isn't for anyone other than me. there's no hidden message, really. i am just, as richard once said, so full of love i could burst. it's hard to remember that all the time...and it's not easy to have all this love to carry around all the time...but there it is.

what is your love?