Thursday, November 22, 2007


i have so very much to be thankful the day progresses, i'll likely add more to this list as i remember all the ways in which i am, really, blessed. so, an incomplete account of all the things that make my life wonderful:

- the pepperdine speech and debate team, for giving me a wonderful education at no cost to me and for introducing me to wonderful people like melissa, canon, james, derek, tom, alex, stevie, april, jonathan, and the rest of the team, while also letting me stay in touch with people who mean so much to me like kasey, keyon, darryl, joe, and everyone else on the circuit.

- my parents' new house, and the people who made it possible for them to own it. i can't remember the last time i saw my mother so happy. i'm in love with the house,'s absolutely beautiful, and i couldn't have imagined a nicer place for my family to live. more importantly, though, i am thankful for how happy it has made my parents.

- facebook, myspace, and the internet at large for letting me keep in touch with (and meet) so many people...including the most important people in my life...people whom i otherwise might not get to talk to as often (like steve love!)...and, well, all of you reading this.

- courtney, for always being there for me, no matter what, for always bringing a smile to my face, and for being the greatest friend i could ask for.

- kyle. for everything.

- world of warcraft, for giving me something to do, something to work towards, a way to connect with people, a way for my mom to get out of her own head sometimes, a way for me to deal with my insomnia...

- dr. feinstein and modern medicine, as a whole, for taking care of me this past year.

- old friends, namely chris and jared, for always being there for me, especially during the worst of times, and for coming over to protect me when i was afraid of the dark.

- new friends, namely james and robbie and riley, for good times, good conversation, and everything else.

- j.k. rowling.

- yelp, for some fabulous recommendations, one in particular.

- google, for being amazing.

- apple, for same.

- my mother. i can't possibly list all the ways in which i am thankful for her.

- my family as a whole.

- my dogs, but mia in particular, for bringing so much joy into our lives and making me feel so, so loved.

- dr. selby and sarah for making my graduate experience incredible.

- NCA, for letting me meet people like john and reconnect with other people like bill and matt and crystallane.

- stanford, and all the people there. i can't even begin to explain all the ways it changed my life, and the people like chris, aaron, and matt, who made it incredible.

- craig and all the people from that part of my life. words don't do justice here.

- the moorpark team for making me who i am today, for giving me the chance to coach, and for taking me with them on some fabulous experiences. jim and rolland changed my life.

- the british tour, for believing in me, for giving me some of the most amazing experiences of my life, and for introducing me to wonderful, wonderful people like fitch, rob, josh, gavin, viv, james, and everyone else.

- pepperdine's campus recreation department, also for believing in me, for trusting me to run a ballroom program, for giving me that outlet, and letting me share something i really love with wonderful new people like alex, courtney, jen, and everyone else.

- everyone, even if i don't tag you or say your name, for making my life what it is today.

- most of all, for mini wheats, in all shapes and sizes.

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