Wednesday, November 21, 2007

all the world's a stage, and every word a note

i realized several things recently.

a) i haven't been playing as much music as i used to.
b) i feel so wonderful when i do.

so, now that i'm pretty well settled in at the new house, with space for my electric keyboard (and with rock band hopefully on its way soon!), i think it's time to start playing and singing again.

if anyone has requests or suggestions for covers to work on while i get back in the swing of things, i'd very much appreciate hearing them...and if anything decent comes out of it, i promise to record and send it your way. also, if anybody feels like getting together and playing, i would be very interested in that possibility.

in theory, this will all happen in 2.5 weeks when the semester is over. in actuality, it will most likely be a form of procrastination/preserving my sanity DURING the next 2.5 weeks. :)

so, yes. send me requests. it will make me happy. :D

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