Wednesday, October 17, 2007

various sundries

a quick update, before getting back to work...

- a little bummed that i have to miss both chromeo and electric six playing this week because of work, but if anyone's around tomorrow night they should go to the electric six show and tell me how wonderful it is.

- i have recently become rather obsessed with these videos. the first three are songs, the last two dance. these are the things that i've been playing on loop for a week.

chromeo: bonafied lovin (yes that's how it's spelled on the record)
chromeo: needy girl
bats for lashes: what's a girl to do
wade robson's ramalama bang bang
heidi and benji's black mambo

- we should be all moved within two weeks. the process of uprooting 17 years of memories has been more intense than i expected; finding evidence of what my life used to be like can be pretty hard, but also entertaining. i am suddenly thankful that my mom choose to record amusing things i used to say as a child. i will not share them here because nobody other than me and my mom will find them endearing/funny.

- i went dancing last night for the first time in months, back at my old salsa haunt. it's amazing how many people i knew; i barely had a song off to rest, which made me feel good about my dancing. overall, i had an absolutely incredible time and danced more/faster/harder than i have in years. usually, i get pretty self-conscious about my dancing, but for some reason last night, everything just felt...great. it was also interesting seeing my old teacher/mentor and some of the dancers i used to work with...reminded me of a very different, notalwaysgood time in my life. also got kind of upset by the dirty dancing side of the community (the actual style of dancing, not the movie). i'd forgotten about it...and i guess i've just turned a bit more modest in my old age. maybe it's just me.

- i won something last night. that was nice. some national academic thing. i wasn't expecting it. it made me feel a lot better about what i'm doing in school/life. it was also particularly touching because i had to be nominated/supported by a faculty member to do so, and apparently somebody cared enough to do that for me (i certainly didn't ask/apply)...good feeling considering some of the concerns i'd had about not getting along with people in the department. anyway, it's not a big deal, but it came at a really good time for me. yesterday was a hard day (saw one of the professors in my division who had to leave this semester because he has cancer and may not live through the year...he was back to get things from his office, but the chemo has made him look like a completely, utterly different person...literally a of the most awful things i've ever seen). so, there's that.

- i'm pretty sad that it looks like i won't get to have a halloween this year; nobody i know is really that into pumpkins/costumes, nor do i have time to put something together. tragic, because i really, really love halloween. however, i absolutely will not miss nightmare before christmas 3d, even if i have to go alone. if you'd like to join, let me know! i'm SO excited!!! (also: may end up going to see "the seeker" even though i know it's horrible, just because i loved the book so much...)

- i've decided i want to roadtrip across the country when i graduate (may). am now accepting requests for stops along the way, as well as applications for companions for any/all legs of the journey. remember: i have a convertible. i can't wait.

i have far too much to do to justify blogging anything more interesting; for that, i apologize. hopefully things will calm down in a couple of months. just 192 days until graduation!

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