Friday, October 12, 2007


man oh man am i excited about shelfari.

a variety of factors have come together recently and made me decide that i really wanted a way to catalogue my books, preferrably online. first of all, i have a whole lot of them and tend to forget about ones i want to read; i've had a few for years that i STILL haven't read. secondly, in the process of moving these past couple of weeks, i've come across literally dozens of books that i'd completely forgotten i had, and i'm really excited about reconnecting with these things that were such a huge part of my life for so long (and still are!). finally, i feel like few of my friends ever tell me about good books that i should read, and, conversely, i'm rarely able to spout off my favorite books when asked, so maybe a social networking implementation of my library would help.

so, after a bit of research, i decided on shelfari. so far, i love it. it works with amazon and google's library features, and interfaces with facebook as well. the design is pretty and flexible, i can (and will, soon) put it in my blog, and it has TONS of different editions so you can meticulously recreate your library!

i know i'll give up on the daunting task of entering EVERY one of my books soon, but it's fun for now. i plan to add more once i finish moving and unpack everything; the books i've input already are just ones i can currently see/remember/remember packing. anyway, i'm frescasaurus on there, if you're interested.


Ian said...

Consider Delicious Library:

Best feature is that it will scan, using your iSight camera, the UPCs from your books and auto-look-up the info from Amazon. So you can put in a library pretty fast. They even sell a dedicated scanner.

Dschauffer said...

Great to see you on Shelfari. Welcome aboard!
Add me as a friend, my username is schaufferwaffer. Do you know of any good books you could recommend?
We just launched a new blog widget and would love to hear some feedback.
Try it out at and tell us what you think.
Happy Reading,