Wednesday, September 5, 2007


i'm in the process of changing things around on the blog. i realize this is irrelevant since most people likely access this site via a feed of some sort anyway, but i did want to highlight one cool thing: my twitter badge.

i really like twitter.

at first blush, it may seem like just another weapon in the swiftly growing arsenal of stalking tools available to us via the interwebs: check my and you'll know what music i'm listening to when, check your facebook homepage and be alerted to any changes in my relationship status, and, now, check my twitter to find out exactly what i'm thinking or doing at any given moment. better yet, have these updates sent to your instant messaging program or SMS inbox! exactly what you wanted, i know.

in all sincerity, though, twitter is fairly fun. while i don't know many people on it yet, it is pretty cool to get little updates about interesting (or even mundane) things that people i care about are seeing, thinking, and doing. sure, sometimes you'll get an update that's little more than "Mmm Snickers" (one of my own rather profound offerings). however, i'm okay with that, and if you're not (or if you have a limited text messaging plan and start to get worried), then you can turn off your text or IM updates. whoa, that's a lot of parentheses.

basically, it's like a more advanced version of facebook's status updates. as the grammatically conscious among us will appreciate, twitter doesn't force you into a "Name is ___" construct (I love it when people rebel and say things like "John is Traffic sucks"). also, twitter is available to anyone. finally, twitter gives you more ways to update and be updated; you can "tweet" (the verb form of "Twitter") from a text message, instant message, or the web site.

so, check it out. if you get an account, please add me - my contact information is in the sidebar to the right.

if you don't add me...well, enjoy stalking me thanks to this dandy little badge.

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