Friday, September 28, 2007

to ubuntu, or not to ubuntu...

...that is the veryhardtosay question.

i've always had a small place in my heart for open source operating systems, and based on josh's rave review of ubuntu it seems like i may have found a good point of entry.

anybody had any experiences with it?

i'll probably hold off until school and any other marginally important things in my life are thoroughly over, and i'm really Just That Bored. even then, i'll still have at least one mac to use as my main system. but, oh, the geek points i'd score from being able to say, "oh, linux? i use ubuntu..."

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Mack the Knife said...

No Ubuntu experience, I've generally always tried Gentoo. Never mind the fact that I've failed to get it working even once so far, but if you have a spare computer, I'm willing to brave an adventure!