Friday, September 28, 2007

to ubuntu, or not to ubuntu...

...that is the veryhardtosay question.

i've always had a small place in my heart for open source operating systems, and based on josh's rave review of ubuntu it seems like i may have found a good point of entry.

anybody had any experiences with it?

i'll probably hold off until school and any other marginally important things in my life are thoroughly over, and i'm really Just That Bored. even then, i'll still have at least one mac to use as my main system. but, oh, the geek points i'd score from being able to say, "oh, linux? i use ubuntu..."

Saturday, September 8, 2007

invisible tetris

strangest thing i've seen all week.

Friday, September 7, 2007

g.w.b. v2.0

from cnn:

"Aboard his campaign bus in Iowa, former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee told CNN’s John King , 'I think bin Laden is more of a symbolism than he is anything else.'" i missing something?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

pixelated anger

today has NOT been a good day for me, and i'm blaming the internet. while it's true that i woke up to a parking ticket and have had a variety of other issues in the so-called "real world" to trouble me, i didn't expect these problems to be substantially augmented by my morning browse. internet, i look to you for solace, support, and occasionally flash games or journal citations i'm too lazy to find in the library. why hast thou betrayed me?

during my internet explorations, i found three independently unreasonable news stories. i will share my outrage regarding each in turn.


yes, APPLE. in all caps. because that is how angry i am.

it's bad enough that i just found out that my beautiful new iphone, which i bought about 5 weeks ago, is now being sold for two hundred fewer dollars. wonderful. but then apple's hot news headlines site has to smarmily crow this information as though it's the best news ever.


it is not.

i'd prefer a handwritten note of apology.

or a REFUND.

but not this chipper "isn't it grand how we're making the iphone so much more affordable for everyone who was more patient than you were" drivel.

i knew the iphone would be encheapened (yeah, i'm a linguistics major) at some point, and that the technology would be improved as well. however, apple generally doesn't slap its hardcore supporters quite so hard in the face quite so soon after the release of new technology. as one site so aptly put it (apologies, i can't find it again to cite it), it will make even the most impassioned of us think twice about supporting apple's newly released products in the future.

oh, and $0.99 per ringtone, plus the cost of the song? lame, apple. way lame.

(i think it may have to do with some licensing issue...but sony's walkman phone never had to do that...nor did motorola, nor any of the other phone companies that let you make custom ringtones for free...)

2) Law and Order Actor Joining Presidential Race


d.a. arthur branch wants to do things like outlawing abortion?

i just...



i mean, i will say that schwarzenegger hasn't been as abysmal as i expected him to be. maybe there's something to be said for the exceptional few entertainers who can cross over into politics. but, at its core, the notion bothers me somewhat, because i think people already place far too much stock in what these entertainers say and do (and pay them ridiculously obscene amounts of money). this psychological edge that (i have no doubt) millions of americans give to entertainer candidates is what bothers me more than anything; i'm not saying that all entertainers are unfit for politics, but rather that they're not given a fair amount of critical analysis by the voters. sure, i guess it's possible for actors to have experience in politics and entertainment alike, but i think it's difficult to have the time and inclination to be successful at both, and i think that people focus too much on the success of one arena and unfairly apply that same judgment of success/competence/suitability to the other.

i'm disliking this trend...i thought the california gubernatorial election was a joke, and turned the state into a veritable laughingstock. i'd rather the reputation of our presidency not be tarnished any more than it already has been. more importantly, though, the thought of completely outlawing abortion is frightening to me, and i worry about what other worse-than-bush (i didn't think it possible, but he's worrying me) ideas he'll have.

one thing's for sure, in any case. i'll never look at law and order quite the same way again.

3) Dog Gets $12 million Inheritance

...i don't think i need to say much here.

the fact that a dog has been given more money than most people will ever see in their lifetime is disgusting to me. i can see the argument for keeping the money that you earn if you're going to use and appreciate it, but...this is ridiculous. there are SO many people in need,'s sitting there being unused, with a dog who doesn't need it and really CAN'T appreciate it.

on the other hand, i find it pathetic that a housekeeper who worked with the dog's owner for three months is trying to get the inheritance because she got bitten multiple times. how greedy can you be? i understand the inheritance is outrageous, but why not try to convince the estate holders or some judge that that money should be put to some charitable cause because the dog obviously can't use that much of it (trust me, i know, my mom's a dog breeder and we've spent just about as much money on dogs as anyone conceivably could, and we're far short of that mark). anyway, getting bitten over a three-month period in ways that were not bad enough to merit a legitimate case previously should probably not all of a sudden be given new legitimacy now, regardless of how much money the dog has.

apologies for how inarticulate this is. i'm riled up.

your comments, as always, are welcome and encouraged.


i'm in the process of changing things around on the blog. i realize this is irrelevant since most people likely access this site via a feed of some sort anyway, but i did want to highlight one cool thing: my twitter badge.

i really like twitter.

at first blush, it may seem like just another weapon in the swiftly growing arsenal of stalking tools available to us via the interwebs: check my and you'll know what music i'm listening to when, check your facebook homepage and be alerted to any changes in my relationship status, and, now, check my twitter to find out exactly what i'm thinking or doing at any given moment. better yet, have these updates sent to your instant messaging program or SMS inbox! exactly what you wanted, i know.

in all sincerity, though, twitter is fairly fun. while i don't know many people on it yet, it is pretty cool to get little updates about interesting (or even mundane) things that people i care about are seeing, thinking, and doing. sure, sometimes you'll get an update that's little more than "Mmm Snickers" (one of my own rather profound offerings). however, i'm okay with that, and if you're not (or if you have a limited text messaging plan and start to get worried), then you can turn off your text or IM updates. whoa, that's a lot of parentheses.

basically, it's like a more advanced version of facebook's status updates. as the grammatically conscious among us will appreciate, twitter doesn't force you into a "Name is ___" construct (I love it when people rebel and say things like "John is Traffic sucks"). also, twitter is available to anyone. finally, twitter gives you more ways to update and be updated; you can "tweet" (the verb form of "Twitter") from a text message, instant message, or the web site.

so, check it out. if you get an account, please add me - my contact information is in the sidebar to the right.

if you don't add me...well, enjoy stalking me thanks to this dandy little badge.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

judge me, please.

i return from a long week in which things began, things ended, and i ate way too many cookies. as i sit here on the couch nursing my bruised ego after accidentally setting off my own car alarm, its plaintive bleating informing the entire world that no, i am not, in fact, cool in any way, i decided to post about a similarly ego-bruising experience that i have endured in silence for weeks. no more, i say!

i. hate. facebook's "compare people" application (and its new competitor "superlatives").

why? because while you might make "the sexiest person on facebook"'s day, you've inevitably insulted quite a few others who notice your decree and find that they are not, in fact, the sexiest person(s) on facebook. worse, how about being ranked #4 in most desirable of so-and-so's friends? oh, that's great. i'm not even a rebound. i'm a rererebound. thanks! some would say "hey, at least you made it in the top ten!" not cutting it for me.

i suppose these sorts of judgments are made by people every day. maybe you have a secret idea of which one of your friends is the smartest. to me, however, it's not that easy. i don't simply rank my friends in a static ordering of "smartest" or "hottest"...i try to, i don't know, appreciate each of my friends on their own merit, and recognize that a) i do not know every facet of every one of my friends and b) many people have different attributes, or different forms of the same attribute, that aren't directly comparable with those merits held by other friends. while a comparison of two people might come along every once in awhile, i can't say that i've ever tried to rank every one of my friends in comparison to one another...and even if i did, i sure wouldn't tell them about it.

really, it strikes me as purely heartless to have these things posted publicly on your profile. hey, guess what, i don't find you kissable! i didn't even bother to rank you amongst my most kissable friends! yeah, that's really the message i wanted to see when stalki--checking up on you. if you DO think that your roommate/best friend/significant other/person you have no chance with really is "the most dateable" of your friends, don't you think you could, uh, just...tell them? and not hurt my feelings? or does that information REALLY need to be shouted from the metaphorical rooftops?

now, maybe my opinion will change if i add the program (something i've continually refused to do) and find that someone has, in fact, named ME their most kissable/marriage-worthy/intelligent friend. who knows. even if one person thinks that, however, i'm pretty sure the competitor in me is still going to be pretty bummed about everyone else who felt the need to make it clear that they DON'T think i'm kissable/marriage-worthy/intelligent. and that's no fun.

so, please.

think before you superlative.