Wednesday, August 1, 2007

moving day!

so, i am now more than halfway moved in to my new home! i'm in love with it more than ever, although there are a few things i still need to fix (like, you know, getting hot water there). also, since i don't have internet or phone service until saturday, i won't be officially moving in til the weekend. however, the majority of the moving was done today. i'll recap the highlights here.

1) i want to live in this trailer. it's the one right next to the storage compartment where most of my stuff has lived for the past year.

great, right? so great. wait, there's more, on the other side of the door (yes i know that rhome)...

i am too lazy to make it turn. turn your head. or your screen.

2) i dislike black widows. i dislike finding them in my furniture.

3) there is a rock formation that, by day, looks like a capybara humping a lizard. by night, however, it is clearly two beavers humping. i have thus christened it humping beaver ridge.

4) my Favorite Jeans Ever went from being perfectly whole this morning to having a small hole in the knee and another two in the thigh midway through the day to now having a giant rip exposing half of my knee. god, i hope i don't get kneeraped. i'd be asking for it.

5) internet and phone companies are terrifying quagmires of bureaucracy. i recommend vonage tentatively, however. will report more accurately once it's all installed.

6) i adore rich people. i have gotten for free in this move: one really nice brown suede couch (super comfy!), the aforementioned wardrobe that will transport me to narnia, a steamer trunk from the turn of the century, a large chest, a brown leather settee, a coffee table, an entertainment center, a ship's wheel, a globe, a scent diffuser, various cleaning supplies, a chrome dishrack, a brand new sonicare toothbrush, a wardrobe, a dresser, a playstation, a dreamcast, and a banana republic newsboy cap.

unfortunately, i look very dumb in this last item, so if you know any tough-but-adorable brooklyn kids who might be willing to rally their friends into forming a union while singing, dancing, and attacking their foes with marble slingshots, please let me know.

pictures may be provided of any and all of these things on request.

7) my parents are insane (see below) and, aside from the usual telling me how to decorate my place, also inform me to the tenth of the mile how far it is from major and not-so-major landmarks. like an intersection.

8) my particularly insane. he insisted on inserting himself into this picture to get advice on whether i should keep this super bizarre deco lamp that's evidently worth like $600. didn't know if it would go in my very vintage 50s kitchen with the suede couch and modern glass table next to it. yeah, i totally have a theme. it's vintage spaceship rockstar.

if anyone has comments, advice, or is willing to rotate my pictures for the small price of my admiration, go for it.

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