Friday, July 27, 2007

various and sundry updates of an uninteresting sort.

1) i now have an iphone. i love it. it is beautiful and amazing.

in all honesty, my sony ericsson w600i is more functional for me as a phone; louder ringtones, customizable sounds, sleek/small design. however, the sheer awesomeness of the iphone far outweighs anything i've ever had...treo, siemens sx66, the sony ericsson...there's never been anything quite this beautiful. more updates will come as i have more time to play with it.

2) i move in one week. i am ecstatic.

my new home is everything i could have ever hoped for, plus horses. i think the three top things i'm looking forward to are:
a) baking cookies (two batches at a time!) in The Cutest Oven Ever.
b) the new wardrobe i got that has a freaking LION with its mouth open as the keyhole. dead serious. trips to narnia commencing soon.
c) finally having my very own swiffer. oh, you heard me. i will be swiffing night and day. i will have an original swiffer and i will have a wet swiffer. and i will swiff.

3) i'm done with school for the summer, and am very happy about how this class turned out.

reestablished some things that i personally really needed to be sure my ability to write a 24-page paper, with citations, in the morning before class and get 100% on it.

4) i still have not read or seen the new harry potter book/movie.

i know. i know. am going to remedy at least one of these problems this weekend.

5) i am happier than i can ever remember being.

smileys can't do justice to how wonderful my life is at the moment. if you've talked to me in the last year, you'll know how much i needed this. ...yeah. no more words.


Prometheus said...

Thought you might find this useful:

It's about how to add custom ringtones to the iPhone, using a kinda-sketchy but effective method.

Francesca said...

already found, but thank you. :)